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  • Draper Goren Holm to lead the seed round for LunarCRUSH
    LunarCRUSH is preparing for a seed round that is set to push its platform towards “disrupting the investing, education, and trading aspects of cryptocurrency.” LunarCRUSH finds seed round lead Draper Goren Holm, a venture studio focused on accelerating and incubating blockchain and crypto startups, will lead a seed round for the crypto data analytics provider […]
  • New faces at the Cardano foundation highlight the need for general strategy
    The Cardano Foundation’s newest council member believes that improving communication with the Cardano community is the organization’s top priority. Tamara Haasen, IOHK’s chief of staff and one of the latest members to join the foundation, said time is of the essence in this industry and that the company needs to be able to communicate its […]
  • Bitcoin bounces back above $8,500; will it continue the uptrend?
    Bitcoin is back above the $8,500 barrier signaling a potential further advance. On Jan. 19, Bitcoin reached a yearly high of $9,170. The milestone served as a take profit point for many investors triggering a retracement. Since then, the flagship cryptocurrency pulled back 10 percent to hit a low of $8,250 on Jan. 24. This […]
  • Bitcoin of America is making it easier for beginners to get involved in cryptocurrency
    Even though there has been a huge advancement in cryptocurrency, there is still a large crowd of people out there that do not know what cryptocurrency is. Bitcoin of America is a U.S. based digital currency exchange platform that provides its customers with access to many different video tutorials and explanations. As a company, they […]
  • Data shows Ripple sold less XRP in Q4 2019, so why does its price continue to decline?
    Ripple reported a considerable decrease in XRP sales in Q4 2019, but the price of this cryptocurrency continues declining. Ripple decreases XRP sales In its latest quarterly report, Ripple revealed a substantial decrease in XRP sales. In total, the company sold $13 million in XRP during Q4 2019. This represents an 80 percent reduction from […]
  • Nearly 1 million Bitcoins worth $8.4 billion now held in Coinbase’s cold storage wallets
    San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly holding nearly 1 million Bitcoin (BTC) in its cold storage wallets. While digital currency exchanges have been known to fake trading volume, it appears that the amount of funds held in offline storage provides a better picture. Coinbase is currently holding 983,706.78 BTC, or presently over $8.4 billion, […]
  • Ten ways PrimeXBT’s advanced tools can bolster ROI
    Traders rave about PrimeXBT because they love the platform’s trading tools and built-in charting software, but the real reason they can’t stop clamoring about the platform is because of the ROI they regularly churn out of their trading strategies. After all, a trader’s main goal is to turn a profit and grow their capital as […]
  • Ethereum could be primed for a move to over $200 despite ongoing selloff
    Ethereum (ETH) has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action over the past couple of weeks, which allowed it to post massive gains throughout the first part of the month, before setting a local top that has been followed by firmly bearish downside. In spite of this, analysts are noting that Ethereum is fast approaching a […]
  • MyEtherWallet adds “.crypto” email-style naming feature for personalized ETH addresses
    MyEtherWallet (MEW) users are now able to send and receive ETH and ERC-20 tokens using their own personalized “human-readable” address instead of the standard 42-character public key.  Unique addresses can be created on MEW in the form of “[name].crypto,” powered by Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain registry startup funded by Draper Associates and the Ethereum Foundation. […]
  • UTXO analysis reveals 4M BTC hasn’t moved since 2015
    The latest IntoTheBlock research found that unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) are a fantastic indicator of a coin’s buying/selling pressure. Diving deeper into Bitcoin‘s UTXOs revealed that almost 4 million coins have been held for over 5 years, showing that even the most violent price swings didn’t force most investors to run. A new metrics offers […]

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