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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

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  • Bitcoin: should it be your safe word?
    As the new year dawned, war tensions increased, and investors turned to “safe havens” to protect assets and find speculative alpha. During this time, gold responded strongly; low-yielding US Treasuries did not. This suggests investors are potentially looking for global safe haven refuges untethered to the whims of a singular country’s central bank. Bitcoin can […]
  • Bitcoin narrowly avoided a huge plunge with this rare technical setup
    Several technical analysts predicted the Bitcoin price to fall after it rejected $9,200 once again. In lower time frames, a classic “hammer candlestick” was formed as BTC spiked from $8,800 to $9,070 within hours. The rare hammer close on the 4-hour chart of bitcoin, which does not occur often as it requires rejection of both […]
  • Cardano announces new release for Yoroi Wallet
    Cardano announced the launch of the Yoroi Shelley extension 2.4.0 for both Chrome and Firefox users. The release comes with several new features, including the ability to undelegate their ADA from a stake pool and a faster wallet resync process. Yoroi Wallet gets a new update and a slew of new features Yoroi, the first […]
  • These three cryptocurrencies could serve as a hedge against Bitcoin
    The cryptocurrency market tends to move in one direction, which is mostly defined by Bitcoin’s price action. However, a recent report shows that several cryptos have proved to be highly uncorrelated. This feature makes them ideal to use as a hedge against the rest of the market. The most uncorrelated assets Investopedia defines the term […]
  • Ethereum broadens its reach after Syscoin builds it a bridge
    The S-word that dominated talk of blockchain shortcomings two years ago – ‘scalability’ – has been replaced by the I-word – interoperability. It’s the biggest problem that today’s blockchain projects are trying to solve, and the movement gained momentum this week with the launch of Syscoin’s Ethereum bridge. The decentralized bridging protocol enables the transferability […]
  • Libra scammers are promoting fake ICO on Twitter
    A Libra scam has appeared on Twitter to conduct a fake initial coin offering (ICO) of its coin LIBT. The account has existed on Twitter since 2018, but data from Etherscan has shown that the ERC20 token was created on Jan. 26. While the scammers claim more than 200 ETH has been raised privately, the […]
  • Bitcoin’s rally pushes its social engagement through the roof
    Breaking through the $9,000 mark seems to have pushed Bitcoin’s engagement through the roof. According to data from LunarCrush, Bitcoin’s social engagement has marked another 2020 high with almost 320 million unique engagements and it shows no sign of stopping. Everybody seems to be talking about Bitcoin A strong bullish wind has pushed Bitcoin’s price […]
  • Technical indicators estimate that Bitcoin may drop below $9,000
    Bitcoin is once again testing the $9,000 resistance level. As the flagship cryptocurrency attempts to break above this significant price hurdle, several technical indicators are turning bearish estimating that a retracement could be underway. Bitcoin could fail to break above resistance Over the last three days, Bitcoin surged over 10 percent from a low of […]
  • IOHK working hard on making Cardano a commercial product
    Significant efforts are being made to transition Cardano from a science project to an actual commercial product. According to Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, heavy efforts are currently underway both at IOHK and at the Cardano Foundation to push product marketing and develop the commercial side of the blockchain. In a recent update, Hoskinson […]
  • Analyst: Contrary to popular belief, $1 million Bitcoin won’t happen in the next decade
    John McAfee hopefuls that anticipate the Bitcoin price to hit $1 million in the next ten years will be left disappointed, according to an alternative BTC forecasting model. The popular stock-to-flow (S2F) model predicts that the Bitcoin price would hit $1 trillion by 2050 according to cryptocurrency analyst Stephen Perrenod. Over stock-to-flow, the analyst said […]

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