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  • BlizzCon Diablo 4 Announcement Looks Increasingly Likely
    Mounting rumors suggest Blizzard may be on the cusp of announcing Diablo 4 at this year’s edition of BlizzCon later this month. Although speculation about whether Blizzard will or won’t announce the next Diablo title has become somewhat of a ritual at this point, all signs point towards this being the year it happens. Art […]
  • Derek Jeter Card Goes For $202K on eBay
    Derek Jeter is no Honus Wagner. But he is considered one of the greatest baseball players ever to play the game; he is undoubtedly one of the best New York Yankees. But he has only been out of the game a few years—and he is still alive. So, then why did a Derek Jeter card […]
  • Twitch Star Amouranth Criticized for Reading Chat While Driving
    Twitch streamer Amouranth has been heavily criticized after seemingly being caught reading Twitch chat while driving. This is the second time that the streamer has been in the news this year, as Amouranth was also banned from Twitch for an NSFW wardrobe accident. Yesterday, Amouranth broadcasted an IRL stream for her viewers where she streamed […]
  • Seahawks vs. Ravens: The Only Game You Need to Watch This Week
    When the Seahawks host the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, expect a dazzling display of offense. Each team is led by a dynamic quarterback, and each team has a surprisingly mediocre defense. Sunday’s game in Seattle is a highlight reel waiting to happen.  Russell Wilson vs. Russell Wilson 2.0 Wilson is one the best dual-threat quarterbacks […]
  • Clueless BIS Says Bitcoin Has ‘Failed’ Despite Near 10,000,000% Lifetime ROI
    It’s over; it’s all over. Drop every bag you’re holding, capitulate, and sell. Both the group of seven (G7) and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) have decreed, in all their wisdom, that bitcoin has failed. A report on stablecoins from G7 and the BIS – also known as the the bank to rule all […]
  • Will GM’s Rumored Electric Hummer Let the Air Out of Tesla’s Tires?
    After a trying month due to labor disputes, American automaker General Motors (NYSE:GM) looks likely to be on the upswing ahead of it’s Oct. 29 Q3 results. GM seems to be in the final stages of wrapping up a deal with the United Auto Workers union, which has helped the stock recoup some of the […]
  • Does Hillary’s Swipe Make Tulsi Gabbard a Front-Runner in 2020?
    Hillary Clinton lashed out at Democratic congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. The 2016 Democratic nominee claimed that Russia is grooming Rep. Gabbard (D-HI) to run the third party in 2020 as an election spoiler to hand Donald Trump a second term in the White House: “They are also going to do third party […]
  • XFL Not a ‘Who’s Who’ of Football But a ‘Who’s That?’
    A very significant and important event was lost (or ignored?) in the news cycle at the end of the week thanks to the drama surrounding the injury to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The XFL became more than a league. It became more than a bunch of team names and head coaches. It became […]
  • Global U.S. Dollar Shortage to Benefit Bitcoin, Says Crypto Twitter’s Biggest Bull
    Many have been bearish on bitcoin after the dominant cryptocurrency breached support of $9,000 in September. The month-long consolidation around $8,000 is not helping either. It is only giving bitcoin haters more reason to scream their bearish outlook. Bitcoin’s technicals may not be pretty but global macro factors favor the king of cryptocurrencies. That’s according […]
  • Saints’ 4-Game Win Streak Is About to Crash Into a Khalil Mack-Sized Wall
    When the New Orleans Saints face the Chicago Bears this Sunday, there’s one question that really matters: who will be less atrocious on offense? Both teams have been carried by staunch defenses while their offenses putter behind. Chicago’s starting QB Mitchell Trubisky should return from injury this week and continue to play like a backup. […]

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  • Bitcoin breaks downward monthly trend line, shows 4% gains in past 24 hours
    On Sunday, Oct. 20, crypto analyst Alistair Milne shared a chart that shows Bitcoin breaking its monthly downward trend, finishing its weekly close up 4 percent in the past 24 hours. Over the past month, Bitcoin is down 18 percent from its Sept. high of $10,182. Since the July 2019 high, the Bitcoin price has […]
  • Is decentralization the future of social media monetization?
    Two weeks ago, it was announced that IOV Labs, the parent company of smart contract platform RSK, has acquired Latin American social media network, Taringa. With 30 million users, Taringa is the fourth largest social media operator in the region. In the press release accompanying the announcement, IOV Labs alludes to its ambition to introduce […]
  • Binance Exec: Bitcoin futures volume rose significantly in 2019, as it raises leverage to 125x
    Speaking to CryptoSlate in an exclusive interview, Binance Futures Director Aaron Gong said that the Bitcoin futures volume in 2019 increased significantly, expressing confidence in the long term trend of the market. Earlier this week, on Oct. 18, Binance Futures increased the maximum leverage of BTC/USDT (Tether) to 125x, offering a leverage that is higher […]
  • As Bitcoin price nears 50% drop, analyst foresees deeper correction for Ethereum
    Since achieving $13,920 at the yearly peak, the Bitcoin price is nearing a 50 percent drop and according to a technical analyst, it could mean a larger correction for Ethereum. Within three months, the Bitcoin price has declined by 43 percent against the U.S. dollar and a dip below the $7,000 level would indicate a […]
  • OKEx says Bitcoin’s latest struggles shouldn’t worry investors
    While Bitcoin’s drop below $8,000 caused a stir in the market, OKEx says the downfall will most likely be short-lived. The exchange said that despite the persisting pessimism, several signs showed the market is up for a rebound. Leading exchange says Bitcoin testing critical levels is nothing to worry about Despite overwhelmingly bullish predictions for […]
  • Craig Wright and Nouriel Roubini agree that centralization isn’t a problem that needs solving
    Crypto critic Nouriel Roubini faced off with some of the industry’s biggest proponents during the CC Forum conference in London but surprisingly found common ground with one of the most controversial figures in the space—Craig Wright. The two share the belief that the global financial system isn’t nearly as centralized as the crypto community believes […]
  • Billionaire investor warns of big economic slowdown; how will Bitcoin react?
    Ray Dalio, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Bridgewater Associates with a net worth of over $18 billion, warns stimuli from central banks won’t reverse global economic slowdown, which may affect Bitcoin in the medium term. While bitcoin has been described as a safe haven asset by some, researchers like Thomas Lee at Fundstrat believe […]
  • Cardano shares details of its partnership with New Balance to solve authenticity on the blockchain
    IOHK, the company behind the decentralized blockchain platform Cardano, announced that it has partnered with sneaker giant New Balance. The two companies will work together to create NB Realchain, a blockchain for confirming the authenticity of New Balance’s retail products. IOHK introduces NB Realchain, a blockchain that ensures the authenticity of sneakers Input-Output Hong Kong […]
  • Turkish Delight as Huobi Adds TRY-USDT Fiat Gateway
    Huobi has pledged its commitment to the Turkish crypto community in a big way, announcing a slew of initiatives at last week’s Eurasia Blockchain Summit. The introduction of Turkish Lira (TRY) deposits for users of its global exchange was the main talking point, but a number of ancillary announcements further demonstrated Huobi’s support for bolstering […]
  • Bitcoin fails to recover as weekly volume on BitMEX drops 72% in 3 months, traders bearish
    The Bitcoin price has failed to push above a relatively low resistance level at $8,374, making a bigger pullback into the mid-$7,000 region more likely. According to Arca’s chief investment officer Jeff Dorman, the current state of the cryptocurrency market, given the low volume of bitcoin, incentivizes traders to short bitcoin until bottom levels are […]
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