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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

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  • Chainalysis says Binance and Huobi allegedly used for billions of dollars in criminal Bitcoin activity
    Leading blockchain security and analytics company Chainalysis recently revealed that it tracked $2.8 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) that was allegedly transferred by criminal elements to major digital currency exchanges last year. The majority of these transactions reportedly went through Binance and Huobi, two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. The Chainalysis team wrote in its […]
  • Major Turkish city to introduce its own cryptocurrency for settling everyday transactions
    Ugur Ibrahim Altay, the Mayor of Konya, Turkey’s seventh-most-populous city, recently confirmed that the initial steps required to launch a cryptocurrency project called “city coin” had been completed. Details regarding the city coin initiative will be announced during the Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition, which will take place in October 2020 in Konya. […]
  • Eerily accurate trader who called Bitcoin’s $7,000 drop says 30% rally is next
    After a jaw-dropping 30 percent rally in two weeks, Bitcoin has finally begun to take some time to cool off. Over the past two days, the cryptocurrency has found itself trading within a tight $350 range, bouncing between the resistance of $8,900 and support of $8,550. While there are some analysts saying that BTC failing […]
  • Bitcoin could fail to break the $9,000 resistance level
    Bitcoin is trying to break above the $9,000 resistance level, but several technical patterns estimate that it is bound for a retracement. The following technical analysis evaluates where the flagship cryptocurrency could be heading next. Bitcoin technical analysis In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin surged nearly 5 percent after bouncing off the $8,600 support level. […]
  • This technical formation could mean Ethereum is in for massive short-term upside
    It has grown increasingly unclear in recent times as to whether or not the aftermath of the recent uptrend seen by Bitcoin and major altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) marks any type of fundamental shift in market structure, or if it is simply another lower-high that will be followed by further losses. In spite of this […]
  • These poll results may spell serious trouble for Bitcoin in 2020
    2020 has been a great year for Bitcoin (BTC) so far, with the cryptocurrency incurring massive momentum that has allowed it to rally from lows of $6,800 to highs of $8,900 before hitting any meaningful resistance. This rally has drastically altered the overall sentiment amongst cryptocurrency investors and has led many investors to anticipate that […]
  • Here’s why the upcoming halving could push Bitcoin to new all-time highs
    Bitcoin is only 117 days away from a block rewards reduction event that affects the number of tokens that can be generated every 10 minutes. Based on historical data, this event tends to serve as a catalyst that propels the flagship cryptocurrency into new all-time highs. The Halving Event Bitcoin goes through a fixed process […]
  • Hodlonaut’s case with Craig Wright gets dismissed, new battle to take place in Norway
    Hodlonaut has claimed a small, but significant victory against Craig Wright, as his libel case against the anonymous Twitter analyst has been dismissed by the High Court of Justice in the U.K. According to Hodlonaut, the legal battle will continue in Norway, as the court ruled the country had jurisdiction over the matter. Craig Wright’s […]
  • NBA team introduces Ethereum-based auction platform for $5.4 billion sports memorabilia industry
    The Sacramento Kings, an NBA basketball team, has partnered with ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum (ETH) development studio, to introduce a new auction platform that handles live bidding on in-game sports gear using a supply chain product called Treum. All auctioned items will be authenticated using an Ethereum blockchain-powered platform, in order to create a transparent […]
  • It’s decision time for Bitcoin as it hovers near a critical trendline; levels to watch
    It’s no secret that 2020 has been a great year for Bitcoin and the entire crypto markets, as the first two weeks of the New Year have allowed BTC to surge from lows of $6,800 to highs of $8,900, while many major altcoins have begun starting parabolic rallies. This bullishness has slowed today, as Bitcoin […]

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