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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Cryptocurrency News

Libra Coin News, Libra Cryptocurrency Facebook

Cryptocurrency News

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  • Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action in recent weeks, which caused it to see some intense bearishness yesterday The cryptocurrency’s price dove as low as $367 once the selling pressure began peaking From this point, it saw a strong rebound that allowed it to recapture that vast majority of these losses It now […]
  • Bitcoin saw a notable drawdown yesterday that came about after bulls once again failed to break the $12,000 resistance level This led BTC to lows of $11,200 that were ardently guarded by its buyers, and it has since bounced slightly The ongoing bounce likely marks bulls attempt to regain control over the digital asset Analysts […]
  • Bitcoin and gold have been rising in tandem, as the dollar has been falling. It has also driven the growth of the market cap of digital gold tokens, backed by the precious metal commodity, to record highs. What exactly has caused this rapid growth in market cap, and does this pose any threat against Bitcoin? […]
  • Blockchain interoperability platform, Polkadot has released details of its upcoming Denomination Day, when native DOT tokens will undergo a redenomination. On August 21, at block number 1,248,328, new DOT tokens will be 100 times smaller than before, with user balances correspondingly showing as 100x higher and the price lowering by the same multiplier. DENOMINATION DAY: […]
  • Bitcoin has stalled after failing to hold above $12,000 for the second time in two weeks. The cryptocurrency trades at $11,450 as of this article’s writing, below the ever-important $11,500 level. Despite this weakness in the price of BTC, analysts remain long-term bullish on this nascent market. Joining his contemporary Raoul Pal, macro investor and […]
  • Some of the best cryptocurrencies to prospect on are also some of the best values. What if we were to tell you three altcoins — currently priced in the low cents — are all potential sleepers? In the case of XRP (Ripple), XLM (Stellar), and ADA (Cardano), all three altcoins have unique growth potential on […]
  • Santiment cautioned Bitcoin bulls about the cryptocurrency’s downside prospects in its latest on-chain analysis. The crypto-focused sentimental analysis platform highlighted a steep decline in the number of daily active addresses (DAA) on the Bitcoin network. The data reflected that there are now fewer wallets that send or receive Bitcoin on a day-to-day basis. Santiment asserts […]
  • The much-anticipated correction in Bitcoin (Ticker: BTCUSD) has begun. But, according to veteran trader Jonny Moe, it is no reason for bulls to mourn. The analyst projected the benchmark cryptocurrency’s rally to resume after daytraders secured their short-term profits at $12,000. He stated that BTCUSD is falling towards a concrete ascending trendline support level. That […]
  • After Bitcoin and Ethereum attempted to surge past $12,000 and $400, respectively, the momentum has tapered off. Over the past day, the leading cryptocurrencies have plunged lower despite a weakening U.S. dollar. As of the time of this article’s writing, ETH is down 2.85% in the past 24 hours and now trades for $385. Analysts […]
  • 1inch, the team behind the decentralized exchange aggregator that optimizes trades by splitting them across multiple DEXes, is riding high after completing its inaugural funding round. Announced on Tuesday, August 11th, the $2.8 million seed fundraise brought in investments from more than a few cryptoeconomy heavyweights. […]
  • Elrond and Bluzelle have inked a partnership that will see decentralized apps (dApps) on the Elrond mainnet running on the latter’s tamper-proof scalability data layer. The move likely forms an important partnership in the quest for enabling greater usability for dApps within the context of the current […]
  • OKEx is a Malta-based world-leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade on hundreds of tokens and futures trading pairs. OKEx was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Malta and the Republic of Seychelles. CEO of OKEx, JayHao, had a background in game development and the semiconductor […]
  • Ethereum’s decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, are currently booming like never before. Monthly DEX volumes hit a new all-time high above $4 billion in July 2020, and the month also saw a new record DEX-to-centralized exchange volume ratio of ~4% achieved. That said, DEXs are having a breakout […]
  • The Bitcoin price temporarily crossed the $12,000 mark for the second time in less than a fortnight but once again saw a swift retreat, dropping $500 in the process. Pundits say any sustained action above $12,000 could see the top-ranked cryptocurrency testing multi-year highs perhaps in pursuit […]
  • Coinbase’s foray into ‘Staking as a Service’ via their Coinbase Custody arm grabbed headlines across the cryptocurrency landscape when launched. Representative of an ongoing departure from standalone, traditional custodial services, the move is part of a broader branch of developing narratives around Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains that are […]
  • Gold is turning into one of the hottest investments of 2020, but it is also probably going to be a great place to be over the coming decades. CACHE Gold is an innovative company that offers investors and traders a solid way to own tokenized gold tokens. […]
  •, for “You Earn,” kicked the decentralized finance sector’s yield farming craze into high gear back in June when it rolled out new automated yield strategies around rising DeFi governance tokens like COMP, CRV, and BAL. Suffice to say, these strategies have proven to be a big […]
  • Crypto exchange giant Bitfinex has announced a $400 million reward for the return of the funds stolen in the 2016 Bitcoin hack. The move comes on the fourth anniversary of the incident which saw the loss of about 120,000 BTC currently valued at $1.34 billion. Cryptocurrency-related thefts […]
  • On the technical and dApp side of things, Ethereum is having a breakout year in 2020. But even with all the fundamental advances at hand, it wasn’t long ago that uncertainty was acutely reigning in the markets. Indeed, back during the March 12th “Black Thursday” global stark […]
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  • Peter Brandt’s Tether Warning Is Ominous, But Unclear
    Peter Brandt didn't mince his words when describing the controversial stablecoin. "Tether is an accident waiting to happen," Brandt tweeted on Aug. 10, in response to a separate post looking at USDT's market cap and the total crypto industry's market cap in line with overall digital asset volume. "Tether is just another fiat currency," he […]
  • People Are Already Building Businesses Around Cardano’s Staking Functionality
    Sounds like Cardano is already contributing to the gig economy. In a recent Cointelegraph interview, Aparna Jue, a product director at IOHK, the Cardano (ADA) development company, opined that even at the current stage of its development, the platform is much more than just a wallet.Cardano recently migrated from the Byron to the Shelly era, […]
  • Google Ads is Failing to Protect People From Crypto Scams
    How does such a seemingly omnipotent company fail to do something so basic? Users of the Uniswap decentralized exchange could be at risk thanks to a new Google ad."URGENT WARNING FOR ANYONE USING UNISWAP," crypto influencer and YouTuber, BitBoy, said in an Aug. 11 tweet. Tagging Google's Twitter accounts, he added:"Google you should be ashamed. Whoever […]
  • Price Analysis 8/12: BTC, ETH, XRP, LINK, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, XTZ, BNB
    As Bitcoin price slowly regains momentum, many altcoins have been rewarding traders by rallying to new all-time highs. On August 11 MicroStrategy, the world’s largest publicly traded business intelligence company, announced that it had ditched fiat currency and built its primary treasury reserve with Bitcoin (BTC). The company’s CEO Michael J. Saylor believes that the coronavirus […]
  • ‘It’s Too Hard to Participate’: CWV Partner on China’s Blockchain Blueprint
    Collaborating with the government is never easy. Back in July, the Beijing government released its first blockchain application blueprint concerning government services in China. According to Neo Wang, managing partner at public blockchain CWV, this application fell far short for people interested in contributing to the initiative. He told Cointelegraph China that the bar for public […]
  • Book Review - Decoding Digital: What is Cryptocurrency
    Can learning an industry’s vocabulary help beginners gain a greater understanding of the industry itself? According to author Cahill Camden, “Decoding Digital: What is Cryptocurrency” was inspired by a conversation with his parents at the height of the crypto bubble in early 2018, which was along the lines of “Ok, we don’t have that much […]
  • What Chainlink’s Plasm Integration Means for Its Future as a Parachain
    Chainlink’s integration domination continues. Plasm, a smart contract protocol built on Polkadot’s Substrate framework, has integrated Chainlink’s (LINK) price feeds. Interestingly, the oracle project itself will likely soon become a Polkadot parachain.Polkadot has a modular design wherein various parachains serve particular use cases. Its mainnet does not have smart contracts, but Plasm hopes to fill […]
  • Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area to Launch China’s Digital Yuan
    China’s CBDC is on its way to Hong Kong. China’s digital yuan, also known as the digital currency electronic payment, or DCEP project, will be rolled out for testing at Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area in the coming weeks, local news agency the Southern Daily reports on Aug. 12.The Greater Bay Area, or GBA, is […]
  • Network Effect at Risk? Why 50% of DAI Locked in Compound Is a Concern
    New data shows more than 50% of DAI is locked in Compound and this raises concerns about DAI’s long term prospects. Data from blockchain intelligence firm Flipside Crypto show that 50% of DAI, Maker’s decentralized stablecoin, is now on Compound (COMP). While the figure seems a positive factor for COMP’s growth, it shows a concerning […]
  • Global Enterprises Embrace Public Blockchains as Technology Matures
    More enterprises are using public blockchains as the space matures, but what does this mean for private blockchain adoption? Some of the billion-dollar businesses across the globe have been embracing blockchain technology to efficiently share sensitive data between multiple parties across a single network. While the concept is welcome, early adopters of blockchain technology have […]

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