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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

BREAKING Crypto News – Facebook launches Libra | FB Libra Review | Zuckbucks? | Binance US Ban | XRP

Libra Blockchain

BREAKING Crypto News – Facebook launches Libra | FB Libra Review | Zuckbucks? | Binance US Ban | XRP

Zuckerberg creates Facebooks own cryptocurrency smart contract platform built on a blockchain, sort of. Let us review the latest breaking cryptocurrency news in 2019!

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Facebook has officially announced their upcoming crypto blockchain smart contract stablecoin project, Libra, or Calibra. Is Zuckerberg challenging the Winklevoss twins by taking another astrological sign (Libra) to opposed their Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and support Gemini Dollar stablecoin? Binance is banning US citizens from their cryptocurrency exchange in September 2019. Ripple XRP has put $50m into MoneyGram to accelerate their usage. Oh and Vosk made a cool watermelon themed t-shirt.

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Timestamps AND links below!

00:00 Best cryptocurrency news 2019 intro
00:34 Zuckbucks Facebook Globalcoin Libra
02:03 Ripple XRP put $50m into MoneyGram
02:54 Buy + sell bulk ASIC miners Scott Offord
03:35 Andreas Antonopoulos FB Libra review
04:04 Libra security token offering STO + nodes
06:29 Jameson Lopp Bitcoin dev. Libra review
08:07 Facebook Libra coin not decentralized
08:30 European Govts want to regulate FB Libra
10:07 Will Facebook coin Libra be good for crypto?
11:00 Binance is banning US citizens in September
11:41 Possibly circumvent exchange ban w/ VPS
13:06 VoskCoin watermelon t-shirt Voskmelon
13:42 I’ll be hodling you ft. Tails Vosk

Ripple XRP puts $50m into Moneygram –
Andreas Antonopoulos aantonop Libra –
Facebook Libra overview/review –
Jameson Lopp of Bitcoin Libra review –
The flaws of Facebook coin Libra –
EU governments want to ban FB Libra –
Binance bans US citizens in Sept. 2019 –
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