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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet


Libra Coin



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  • Ethereum Second-Layer Scalability Still Needs Work, Says Starkware CEO
    Uri Kolodny, co-founder and CEO of blockchain firm StarkWare, told Cointelegraph that Ethereum’s second-layer scalability solutions still need some work. Uri Kolodny, co-founder and CEO of blockchain firm StarkWare, told Cointelegraph that Ethereum second-layer scalability solutions still need some work.Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin claimed on June 1 that the blockchain’s layer-two scaling initial deployment has […]
  • An Inside Look Into the Surprisingly Friendly Rivalry Between Ledger and Trezor
    The Ledger vs. Trezor beef has a long history, but Ledger’s CTO efforts may have fanned the flames as he reported vulnerabilities his team discovered in its competitor. Trezor and Ledger, two of the most prominent hardware wallet manufacturers, have long been locked in a rivalry.As part of Cointelegraph’s interview with Charles Guillemet, the CTO […]
  • CBDCs With a Twist: The Public-Private Solutions Needed for Adoption
    Crypto pundits believe that central bank digital currencies based on public-private partnerships could see the light of day much sooner, as many solutions under development use the approach. On May 26, Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, a representative from the International Monetary Fund, stated that moving forward, the best way to harness the potential of central bank digital […]
  • Nike Unlocks Up to 3% in Crypto Rewards With Plutus Partnership
    U.S. footwear giant Nike has entered a new affiliate partnership allowing customers to earn up to 3% from online purchases with crypto. United States footwear giant Nike continues to explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry by introducing cash back in crypto.The famous footwear and clothing company has just entered an affiliate partnership with London-based financial technology […]
  • Russia Leads Global BTC Trading on LocalBitcoins for 2nd Month in a Row
    Russia tops global Bitcoin trading on P2P exchange LocalBitcoins amid local crypto regulation uncertainty. Despite local cryptocurrency uncertainty, Russia is strengthening its leadership on major peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoins in the share of Bitcoin (BTC) trading volumes.Russia has traded the most Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins exchange for two consecutive months, April and May 2020, according to an […]
  • Crypto Could Save Millennials From the Economy That Failed Them
    The Millennial generation will lead humanity to an era of new financial technology as they drive Bitcoin adoption through the next decade. In a seminal blog post by Blockchain Capital, Bitcoin (BTC) was described as a “demographic mega-trend.” And while new technology tends to follow a path of diffusion from younger to older generations, there […]
  • Blockchain Is Not a Cure-All for Every Video Conferencing Flaw
    Blockchain projects are developing video conferencing applications as remote working gains more popularity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to adopt work-from-home policies, the demand for video conferencing programs appears to have increased. Indeed, by late April, video conference app Zoom was seeing 300 million daily meeting participants, a […]
  • 3 Main Reasons Bitcoin’s Price Plummeted 14% in 15 Minutes to $8,600
    The price of Bitcoin dropped 14% to $8,600 in less than 15 minutes in an intense long squeeze. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted by 14% from $10,180 to $8,600 on BitMEX within less than 15 minutes.Three major factors that caused the price drop were: long contracts accounting for the overwhelming majority of the Bitcoin […]
  • Partner at $500 Million Fund Explains Key Criteria for Investing in Start-Ups
    A partner at Initialized Capital, Brett Gibson, reveals his firm’s main criteria for investing in early stage start-ups and explains the most promising products on the market. Brett Gibson, a partner at Initialized Capital, has revealed the main criteria used by his venture capital firm to invest in early stage start-ups and shared his views on […]
  • US Investors in Tezos’s 2017 ICO May Be Eligible for $25M Settlement
    With the class-action lawsuit against Tezos likely to soon end in a $25 million settlement, ICO participants are encouraged to submit claims by Oct. 16. Investors who participated in Tezos’s (XTZ) initial coin offering between July 1, 2017, and July 13, 2017, have been notified that they may be eligible for a share of the proposed […]

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