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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Xavier Niel investi dans Libra | Le BTC à $40k ? Ubisoft & Ethereum | Fidelity | Binance US | Square

Libra Crypto

Xavier Niel investi dans Libra | Le BTC à $40k ? Ubisoft & Ethereum | Fidelity | Binance US | Square

Reçois maintenant ton CADEAU de bienvenue ici :
🎁 Mes critères d'investissement gagnant 💸 :


📖Pour commander mon livre sur Amazon (merci !) :

Les 5️⃣ piliers de l’indépendance financière :

1️⃣🚀 Startup
🦁 Club privé Startup :
🐱Club privé Mini startup (pour les plus petits moyens) :
🤩 Ma formation GRATUITE : De 5,000€ à 72,000€ en investissant dans les STARTUPS ➡️
💎Formation : Je réussis mon 1er investissement en STARTUP 🚀 :

2️⃣⛓ Crypto
💣 Club privé Leonis Crypto Mastermind :
🧨 Formation Crypto Millionnaire :

3️⃣📈 Bourse
🔥Club privé Leonis Bourse :

4️⃣♻️ Création de business automatisé
🧲 Crée un business automatisé qui te rapporte 1000€/mois :
🧮Mes meilleurs outils d’automatisation & de productivité
pour faire 1 semaine de boulot en 1 journée :

5️⃣🏠 Immobilier
🏦 Formation de Michaël que je recommande :


👕Le shop Leonis ➡️

🤑 Rejoins le groupe des investisseurs malins sur Facebook :

Je t'offre 10$ en bitcoin ! Pour profiter de l'offre :

Pour acheter des altcoins, je te conseille

📞 Tu veux que je te coach PERSONNELLEMENT sur l’investissement par téléphone ?
Startups / Crypto / Bourse / Immobilier
⚡️ Réserve ici :

======== IMPORTANT========
Ceci n'est pas du conseil financier. Je ne suis pas conseiller financier, fais tes recherches et prends les décisions par toi-même en assumant les conséquences.
Je ne donne aucun conseil d’investissement, je me contente de partager mes investissements personnels et de te laisser le choix de m’imiter ou non.
Je ne garantis aucun rendement minimum. Ton argent ne transite jamais par moi : tu restes seul maître à bord et en possession de 100% de tes fonds.

Mes outils / Mon matériel :
Clickfunnels :
Micro :
Trépied :
Caméra :
Ledger Wallet :

☛ ★ Comment me suivre :

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Leonis – Secrets d'investisseur existe également en Podcast 🎙 :

✌🏻 Envie de me soutenir ? C'est par ici :

[Jeu Concours !] (Tirage au sort à 10k abonnés)
Je t’offre ma formation Crypto Millionnaire ⭐️
Pour participer, abonne-toi à cette chaîne YouTube, active les notifications 🔔 et dis-moi en commentaire de cette vidéo pourquoi tu veux prendre ton indépendance financière (exemple : Je veux quitter mon job et parcourir le monde !)

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  • Bears reign as 86% of September’s $284M CME Bitcoin options are worthless
    Bears lurk as Bitcoin price is down and $284M in CME BTC options are set to expire on Friday. As of now, the $622 million total open interest for BTC futures expiry on Friday seems quite relevant. This Friday, a total of $100 million in CME Bitcoin (BTC) options are set to expire. 58% of these […]
  • Revealing crypto exchange’s physical location was not harmful, court rules
    A former employee’s actions did not cause ‘damage or loss, in any amount’ to the exchange. A federal judge has ruled that an employee who revealed the location of a major crypto exchange did not violate its trade secrets. According to court records filed Sept. 22, U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney has dismissed a […]
  • Recap of Cointelegraph panel: Brokers and banks in crypto
    Cointelegraph recently hosted a YouTube panel discussing brokers and banks involved in the crypto industry, based on a report from CV VC and PwC. This past summer, a Switzerland-based blockchain investment company called CV VC, and a Swiss audit and advisory firm known as PwC, in collaboration with Cointelegraph, put together an in-depth report on […]
  • Crypto mining activities are now regulated by the Venezuelan gov
    But there is always a catch when it comes to Maduro’s government. Venezuela's National Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities, or SUNACRIP, has issued the first decree to officially regulate all crypto mining activities. In order to qualify, miners will need to meet specific requirements.An official announcement was first published in the Gaceta Oficial […]
  • Price analysis 9/23: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DOT, BNB, CRO, LTC, LINK, BSV
    Bitcoin and altcoins are at risk of a deeper correction if they do not rise above their immediate resistance levels soon. According to survey data from crypto asset insurance firm, Evertas, institutional investors believe that clearer regulations and better infrastructure in terms of trading, reporting, and custodial services will increase their participation in the crypto […]
  • Colombian gov’t invites companies to trial its crypto transaction framework
    Colombia takes another important step towards regulating the nation’s crypto sphere. The government of Colombia has approved on September 22 a pilot program that calls companies to test crypto transactions until December 31 within the regulatory sandbox just passed by the country’s financial watchdog.During a panel titled “Overview of the Regulation of Crypto Assets in […]
  • Blockchain tech is helping to reduce the impact of deforestation in Brazil
    The move is intended to prevent “laundering” cattle from sanctioned farms. Major meat processing company JBS S.A., has repeatedly come under fire for allegedly contributing to the illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. They are now using blockchain technology to create a unique solution to the problem.According to a Sept. 23 report from Reuters, JBS […]
  • Could holding 0.28 BTC could put you in the top 1% wealth bracket someday?
    The numbers seem to line up, but do the facts? A large portion of Bitcoin's (BTC) value lies within its limited 21 million coin supply, which means ownership of a small portion could lead to significant wealth — if mass global adoption occurs. "There is only 0.0027 BTC for the current 7 billion people," trader, Bitcoin […]
  • Bloomberg suggests that Bitcoin should be $15,000 according to this adoption metric
    Their belief seems to be that Bitcoin is destined to appreciate unless these key indicators reverse themselves. According to the Bloomberg crypto newsletter, a key on-chain indicator suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) is currently greatly undervalued. Bitcoin active addresses, the 30-day average. Source: Glassnode.Bloomberg’s crypto analyst Mike McGlone believes that the recent all-time highs in Bitcoin’s hashrate […]
  • SEC vs. Telegram: Part 3 — The extraterritorial reach of US securities laws
    The desirability of applying U.S. law so broadly to transactions that occur predominantly outside the country. As mentioned in the first and second parts of this story, on March 24, 2020, in a widely reported and closely followed decision, Judge Peter Castel imposed a sweeping preliminary injunction preventing Telegram from issuing its planned crypto asset, […]

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