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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

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  • Libra 2019
    While final decision-making authority rests with the association, Facebook is expected to maintain a leadership role through 2019. Next Full Moon: ...
  • Josh Olszewicz
    Professional trader and market analyst Josh Olszewicz joins Andy Pickering for a conversation on the macro crypto news cycle. Bakkt's volume hit a ...
  • Digital Press Facebook
    Facebook has announced a digital currency called Libra that will allow its billions of users to make financial transactions across the globe, in a move ...
  • Age Of Libra
    Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, ruled by Venus. On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the House Financial Services Committee ...
  • Libra Month
    Facebook's Libra Association is meeting with member firms on Oct. Zodiac signs and meanings. Quirky Uranus turns retrograde that same day, ...
  • Arthur Hayes Facebook
    BitMEX head: Libra project will destroy commercial and · Image ... Arthur Hayes: Facebook Libra разрушит все коммерческие банки · Image ...
  • Why Are Governments So Opposed to Facebook's Libra?
    The last six months in crypto have been dominated by Libra headlines, outlining the regulatory struggles the project has faced since its whitepaper ...
  • PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Reveals Why He Withdrew From Facebook's Libra Project
    According to Fortune's interview PayPal's CEO Dan Schulman, he reveals that PayPal was interested about financial inclusion Libra framed. "We're ...
  • PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Reveals Why He Withdrew from Facebook's Libra Project
    PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Reveals Why He Withdrew from Facebook's Libra Project ( 1 point by momentmaker 5 minutes ago | hide ...
  • Libra Network Logged Over 30 Projects Over Past Two Months of Testing
    BTCUSD Bitcoin Libra Network Logged Over 30 Projects Over Past Two ...
  • Facebook questioned by Brussels over Libra risks
    Brussels is questioning Facebook over potential financial risks posed by its Libra coin project as the EU prepares to overhaul regulation of digital ...
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  • Binance to launch fiat-to-crypto services in India after acquisition of Mumbai-based crypto exchange
    Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily volume, has announced the acquisition of major Indian crypto exchange WazirX and plans to launch fiat-to-crypto services in India within days. According to a blog post Thursday by Binance, India-based users will be able to purchase and sell crypto using Indian Rupees (INR) on Binance […]
  • The cost to long Bitcoin is rising; here’s what that could mean
    Bitcoin has been stuck in a rut in the time following its movement down towards $8,000, as it has failed to garner any decisive momentum and has continued consolidating around its near-term support level at $8,000. Bitcoin’s bulls have remained stubborn in spite of the crypto’s clear bearishness in recent times, as margin traders have […]
  • Singapore plans to introduce crypto derivatives
    Singapore’s financial regulatory authority announced that it is evaluating whether to allow crypto derivatives to be traded in the nation. Singapore vows to introduce crypto derivatives In response to the increasing interest from institutional investors to trade crypto-related products, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a consultation paper proposing to let such products be […]
  • DappRadar uncovers over $73 million in unaccounted Ethereum DApp volume
    After adding ERC20 token tracking for all Ethereum dapps, data aggregator DappRadar uncovered $73 million in unaccounted for 7-day volume on the network. In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, the company said the increase in volume equates to $3.8 billion. Ethereum dapp ranking will now reflect real usage While decentralized applications are still a […]
  • Research shows 0.2% of XRP transactions are illegal
    Elliptic, one of the leading crypto-asset risk management solutions providers in the world, found that less than 0.2 percent of all transactions on the XRP network are tied to illicit activities. $400 million worth of XRP linked to illegal activities Tom Robinson, the chief scientist and co-founder at Elliptic, announced today that the firm would […]
  • Why was there 3.7 million Ethereum ERC-721 transfers in a single day?
    The Ethereum blockchain recently experienced a spike in the number of ERC-721 transfers made on a single day. The surged appears to be related to a particular decentralized application (dApp) on its network that is taking off. 6 million tokenized items On Nov. 17, Ethereum saw the number of ERC-721 transfers on its network reach […]
  • As Bitcoin traders bet on a big rebound, did Ethereum and XRP avoid a big drop?
    As theories on the potential sell-off of Bitcoin by miners emerged amidst declining sentiment around cryptocurrencies, major altcoins like Ethereum and XRP were at risk of a deep pullback. With the majority of altcoins still being correlated with Bitcoin to a large extent and analysts expecting the price of BTC to decline in the short […]
  • Bitcoin is closer to a critical buy zone, but not all analysts agree
    As Bitcoin threatens to push for lower prices, some of the most prominent analysts in the industry believe that it is getting closer to a zone that poses high levels of demand. Regardless of their positive outlook, other analysts are not as optimistic expecting a further retracement. A critical buy zone In a recent tweet, […]
  • U.K. recognizes cryptocurrencies as ‘tradable property’
    A specialized task force of senior judges and lawyers in the U.K. has recognized crypto-assets as “tradable property” under English law. The 46-page legal statement, which clarified the status of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, is the country’s effort to reintroduce confidence to the British crypto market. Huge step underway to understand crypto industry […]
  • Coin Metrics report: More than 1.6 million Bitcoins are lost forever
    According to the latest Coin Metrics report, more than 1.6 million bitcoins have been lost forever, either through duplicate transactions, unclaimed rewards, or thefts. Despite the report offering one of the most conservative estimates as to how many coins are lost, it still showed that Bitcoin is getting scarcer with each passing day. Calculating Bitcoin’s […]

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