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  • Bitcoin consensus mechanisms explained: Byzantine fault-tolerance
    For a long time, most applications used traditional centralized databases to manage their data. Applications could read and write to a set database that was managed by a single entity, a master. But these systems had a major flaw: reliance on a single entity leaves the database more vulnerable to failures and attacks. Systems that […]
  • Bitcoin plummets to key support as analysts eye potential further downside
    Bitcoin (BTC) bulls were surprised to see the benchmark cryptocurrency plummet to below $10,000 yesterday, which this drop marking a bearish resolution to the tight trading range the crypto had previously been caught within in the lower-$10,000 region. Today, this bearishness extended further as the crypto reeled down to lows of $9,700, with today’s drop […]
  • A big Bitfinex Bitcoin whale is anticipating a severe correction, will he be right?
    A Bitcoin whale on Bitfinex who identifies as Joe007 has been consistent in calling for a steep correction in the market since the $9,000s. The individual explained the current bull market has been highly manipulated by other whales, and a pullback is unavoidable. Profitable for six consecutive months According to cryptocurrency trader Jacob Canfield, Joe007 […]
  • Ethereum is on the cusp of a bear cross, placing it in dangerous territory
    Ethereum’s insane rally throughout the past few weeks has allowed ETH to be one of the best performing major altcoins so far this year, only with a couple of smaller altcoins seeing gains that can rival it. This intense upwards momentum reached a fever pitch when the crypto broke above its key psychological resistance at […]
  • Steemit is the latest company to be acquired by TRON, but investors aren’t enthused
    The Justin Sun-led blockchain company TRON has been on a spending spree, acquiring major blockchain companies and announcing a plethora of notable partnerships in an effort to craft utility around their blockchain and subsequently provide value for the TRX token. The latest addition to the TRON ecosystem is Steemit, a content sharing platform that rewards […]
  • XRP is the only major altcoin underperforming against Bitcoin, so is a rally inevitable?
    In comparison to other leading altcoins like EOS, Cardano (ADA), and Ethereum, XRP is still lagging behind bitcoin even after an 80 percent rally against the USD since the first week of January. Analyst says XRP should be higher than where it is now According to Luke Martin, the price of XRP should be 11 […]
  • Billionaire investor: this one key thing has been driving the Bitcoin price over $10,000
    Michael Novogratz, the CEO and chairman of Galaxy Digital said on CNBC’s Closing Bell that liquidity has been the main driver of bitcoin in recent weeks. Year-to-date, the Bitcoin price has climbed from $6,854 to $10,552, recording a staggering 54 percent increase in less than three months. Liquidity will continue to drive bitcoin When asked about […]
  • More Bakkt futures contracts are settled in Bitcoin than in cash
    According to the latest data from Skew, the volume of Bakkt’s physically-settled futures exceed the volume of its cash-settled product. With an average daily volume of $14 million in the past month, more traders seem to be attracted to futures contracts that are settled in Bitcoin. Physically-settled futures present a bullish case for Bitcoin Bitcoin’s […]
  • Ethereum’s bull run – the blockchain perspective
    Research by Jesus Rodriguez and Lucas Outumuro of IntoTheBlock Ethereum has been experiencing a tremendous market momentum with a price increase of over 55 percent in this month. From a valuation standpoint, Ethereum has always been particularly complicated as it influenced not only by the performance of the native cryptocurrency but also all the token running […]
  • Chainlink (LINK) sets fresh all-time high, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down
    Chainlink has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies over the past two years, with LINK posting massive gains over the past several months with its insane momentum allowing it to set fresh all-time highs. This momentum is showing no signs of slowing down, and analysts are now noting that LINK was just able to […]

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