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Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

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  • Why a veteran investor believes Bitcoin will revisit its $20,000 high within 12 months
    We are in uncertain times for global markets, there’s no doubt about it; all asset classes — from Bitcoin and equities to bonds and commodities — have seen dramatic sell-offs over the past few weeks, crunched under the pressure of one of the most drastic economic and health crises ever, epitomized by the 3.3 million […]
  • Ever since Bitcoin’s 50% crash, investors have started to flee BitMEX
    On Mar. 12, everything changed for the crypto markets. For those that missed the memo, the price of Bitcoin fell by over 50 percent in a 24-hour time period, catching traders with their pants down, epitomized by the $1 billion in long liquidations over the course of two days. Data shows that ever since that […]
  • Analysts believe Bitcoin may see months of consolidation despite investors’ “extreme fear”
    Bitcoin saw a relatively sharp decline late-yesterday that marked a bearish resolution to its multi-day bout of sideways trading within the upper-$6,000 region. This downwards movement has come about during a time of immense fear amongst cryptocurrency investors and has further compounded this uncertainty – leading the benchmark crypto’s fear and greed index to hit […]
  • Keep it vs. leave it: Why Binance delisting leveraged crypto assets has users divided
    Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has decided to delist leverage crypto tokens from its platform. The decision led to mixed reactions from users; some supportive and others wanting the leverage tokens to remain on Binance. What are leveraged crypto tokens and why is Binance delisting them? On futures exchanges like Binance Futures, FTX, Bybit, […]
  • Tezos sees fundamental growth, but the XTZ price chart is showing technical weakness
    Tezos wrapped up 2019 on a high note, with the cryptocurrency’s massive bullishness at the end of the year spilling over into 2020, allowing it to set fresh all-time highs just over a month ago. It was not, however, able to avoid the intense market-wide bearishness seen throughout the month of March, with the downwards […]
  • Economist: Here’s how one Bitcoin call option could provide a 2,100% ROI by 2021
    One economist is now noting that one simple trading strategy could provide Bitcoin believers who are receiving a $1,200 cash payout from the U.S. government’s newly passed stimulus bill with a way to maximize their money. This strategy is only effective for those who anticipate Bitcoin to climb higher by the end of the year, […]
  • Trading veteran says Bitcoin could be in “big trouble” if it doesn’t rally
    Prominent analysts believe that Bitcoin’s fate will depend on how it performs during the ongoing financial crisis, but on-chain metrics reveal that there is significant resistance ahead. Bitcoin is on the verge of failure Many are wondering what is going to happen to Bitcoin now that President Donald Trump signed into law a historic $2 […]
  • Forget crypto: Robert Kiyosaki says the stock market is “manipulated”
    The crypto market has been relatively stable in the last four days. The Bitcoin price has generally been moving in between a five percent range, showing an unusually low level of volatility. In contrast, the U.S. stock market has demonstrated extremely large swings, moving by three to six percent on a daily basis in the […]
  • Smart contracts could overtake simple transactions on the Ethereum network
    Complex transactions on Ethereum are on their way to overtake simple transfers, data has shown, pointing to the fact that the network could be regaining dominance from Bitcoin. According to an analysis from Defiant, transactions with smart contract executions have grown relative to transactions with simple token transfers. Second-generation blockchains are seeing more usage The […]
  • IOHK releases Cardano (ADA) scaling protocol Hydra, reboots Byron codebase
    IOHK, the company behind the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, has announced the launch of the Ouroboros Hydra protocol. IOHK explained that the scaling protocol will enable Cardano to handle up to 1 million transactions per second and facilitate micro-transactions that will lead to an uptick in crypto payments globally. In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, […]

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